Airway Centric II: Advanced Course Description

Airway Centric II
Advanced Course

Course Preparation Materials Packet
(sent prior to attendance)

Course Schedule:


7:30 Registration
8:00 Welcome and Introduction
8:15 Airway Centric role in treating patients with Sleep, TMD, Orthodontics,
Complex Restorative, Performance, Biofeedback
9:15 Problem Patients. When your treatment isn’t working.
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Hear Rate Variability, Airway and Compensation, Biofeedback
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 Clinical exams and protocols
2:00 BREAK
2:15 Participant case studies
3:45 Airway Centric Orthodontic case presentation
4:45 Wrap up, review, and discussion


8:30 Airway Centric Sleep case presentation
10:00 BREAK
10:15 Airway Centric TMD case presentation
11:15 Getting the team on board
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 LIVE! Heart Rate Variability, Physiology, and Autonomic Dysregulation
2:00 Billing, Dental/Medical insurance
3:00 BREAK
3:15 Marketing Airway Centric Dentistry
4:15 Wrap up, review, and discussion
5:00 Cocktail reception

Note: Times are approximate. Schedule is subject to change (and frequently is changed) to reflect up-to-the-minute advances in materials and technology.