Course Descriptions

Airway Centric I: Intro Course

Summary:  This course introduces the participants to the overall philosophy of Airway Centric Restorative dentistry. The core concepts will be presented allowing a new way to look at patient care and central causal factors. The course includes interactive hands on participation allowing these concepts to be immediately placed into practice. Please look at the pre-course materials required to attend the course.

Each participant will:

  • Earn 14 hours of CE credit
  • Learn to recognize which cases are dangerous to restore
  • Learn to define Heart Rate Variability and its use in restorative dentistry
  • Learn which technologies are necessary for a successful Airway Centric practice
  • Understand sleep and breathing physiology
  • Learn the anatomy of airway and it’s relationship to TMD and OSA
  • Learn how to integrate Airway Centric assessment into daily diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Learn what insurance companies need and team protocol
  • Troubleshoot your current OSA billing denials/unpaid claims

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Airway Centric II: Advanced Course

Summary:  This course builds on the foundation of the introductory course. The focus will be on the specifics in physiologic treatment of patients with TMD, SDB, complex restorative problems, and orthodontic concerns. An emphasis will be placed on Heart Rate Variability, airway compensation, clinical exams, and case studies. Live bite registrations based on physiologic parameters and objective measurements will be presented. Techniques on marketing and branding your practice as Airway Centric will wrap up this course.

Please look a the pre-course materials required to attend the course.

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