AirwayCentric™ Restorative Dentistry

Airway Centric Restorative Dentistry philosophy is based on our body’s adaptations to breathe and the effects these compensations take on our dentofacial development and function. Any temporomandibular joint or occlusal philosophy must address airway patency while managing pain and dysfunction, identifying contributing factors, and alleviating perpetuating factors. Airway Centric Restorative Dentistry shows that functional concerns of teeth, joints, and muscle are a symptom of a compromised airway. 

Most dental treatment philosophies miss the central causal factor driving TMD, OSA, dental misalignment and overall growth and development. Airway Centric Restorative Dentistry is based on objective physiologic measurement which provides guided treatment towards health and optimal function.

Airway Centric Restorative Dentistry

  • Helps to recognize what cases are dangerous to restore
  • Defines Heart Rate Variability and its use in restorative dentistry
  • Identifies technologies necessary for a successful Airway Centric practice
  • Discusses sleep and breathing physiology
  • Provides anatomy of airway and it’s relationship to TMD and OSA
  • Helps integrate Airway Centric assessment into daily diagnosis and treatment planning